Realising dreams… 2018 and beyond! :)

Yes, we tutor. But more than tutoring or tuition, we can accelerate learning to each students own potential!

We have NO year level barriers to learning.

We teach better than an excellent school!

Dear Parents,
letter from Principal, Leo Blore!

“An estimated 75 per cent of jobs in the fastest-growing industries require science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skilled workers, and ensuring students have the skills to equip them for the workforce of the future is critical.” – Australian Government, 2016

Extended Learning Centres

Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

We teach students individually-paced Australian core curriculum in a fun, nurturing environment that promotes confidence and self-reliance.

Our students are going places! We’re working towards their future career, lifestyle, choices, success and satisfaction.

Catch up! >> Keep up! >> Get ahead!

Why learn ahead of school?

Exposure to curriculum content ahead of school tremendously improves the effectiveness of learning in the classroom, student confidence and engagement in their own learning.

Accelerated learning

ELC students are enthusiastic to learn to the maximum of their ability. There are no year-level boundaries to limit learning, and no waiting for the rest of the class. Extended learning in their formative years smooths their path through high school and beyond.

Self-reliant and Confident Students

ELC students take learning into their own hands and take charge of their own future direction. More than simply content, we give students purpose, skills, guidance and support to reduce dependence on teachers.

Get more from your School

ELC helps school results by accelerating the core subjects ahead of school while supporting other subjects as needed. Then when they encounter a concept at school they can do it with confidence. We work on ‘playing the school game’ to make it work for students not against them.

More effective than tutoring

ELC’s method is more than tuition or tutoring because we teach ahead of school, rather than playing catch-up. We know the curriculum and the most important concepts that students will need to do well at school. We teach these before students encounter them at school.

Why is extended learning important for my child?

Their Future

  • To enable future choice of professions and enhance confidence and self-esteem, we accelerate learning to each student’s own potential in all areas, and particularly in mathematics.

Their Potential

  • To get more from the school system, our tailored processes follow the same curriculum as taught in schools, but streamlined and personalised.

Their Health

  • Extended learning in their formative years smooths their path through high school, puberty and beyond.

Their Dreams

  • So that students dream their dreams and associate school and academics with greater future choice, we can engage the psychology of positive learning and modify student behaviour.

Their Success

  • To support students’ point-of-need learning from school when needed, our systems and processes allow us to incorporate school tasks while also learning for the future.

Their Happiness

  • To make family life simpler and less stressful, we holistically manage student learning in active partnership with families.

At ELC we believe in:

students the curriculum, resources, skills and guidance to take ownership of their learning.

confidence and positive habits early.

learning independently of school restrictions, such as year-level boundaries.

by connecting students’ efforts today with their dreams, wants and ideas for their future.

the innate human instinct to enjoy learning.

students how to make their education work to their current and future advantage.

them to achieve at the school system by “playing the game”.

From the ELC Blog

March 2018

Writing Tools

Quick reference page for our favourite websites to help you punch-up your essays, speeches, articles and stories. Not only helpful for English, but any subject with written tasks. Keep in mind that these are just tools – you have to use your own judgement about whether to follow their suggestions. Our favourite Thesaurus Make your writing more interesting

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June 2017

Mathematics A, B or C – which should my child study?

 “Lock in B, Eddie!” We say students should have Mathematics B as their default expectation, and aspire to it from early on. In Year 10, students choose which maths subjects to study in year 11 and 12 for their QCE. But the road to Maths B starts years before then. Keep options open. Predicating the

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June 2017

Maths Streaming – best strategies for individuals

Your child should be aiming to be towards the head of the pack in mathematics from early on. The later it’s left, the harder it is to catch up. Some schools start ‘streaming’ students into higher- and lower-level mathematics groups way before they start actively talking about career pathways. This presupposes that students in lower

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May 2017

How to make Parallel Box and Whisker Plots

What is a box and whisker plot? Box and Whisker Plots, or just Box Plots, are a graphical summary of data spread (dispersion) and central tendency. Here’s a quick explanation of why box and whisker plots are useful. All box plots show (from left to right): Minimum First/Lower Quartile/Q1 Median, aka Middle/Second Quartile/Q2 Third/Upper Quartile/Q3 Maximum These

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March 2017

Students’ potential shouldn’t be limited by their year level

Most students who present to Extended Learning Centres are ready for concepts above their year level. In many cases, WAY beyond their year level. Maths expectations at school are too low, largely because Queensland’s year levels have been “elongated” rather than updated. At ELC, because we teach individuals, not classes, not year levels, we can: target students’ needs,

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September 2016

Education Queensland 2017 curriculum changes

Streamlined plans for schools to focus on what’s important, hopefully. Queensland has released condensed unit plans for Maths and English, updating the current bloated, impossible, ineffective syllabus. Thank goodness! Teachers have been reporting that there is not time to adequately cover the mass of content. The sheer number of topics means little time for revision

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From Parents & Students

You have already given Aaron a huge amount of confidence in himself and his schoolwork. Thank you!
November 2015
ELC Parent
Thank you so much for your work with Jamie.   He really enjoys himself and we are so relieved to have him come home energised and, most importantly, engaged. His comments to us, "that's how education should be".
Parent of Year 11 student
February 2017
Dean has had a very successful year finishing with an academic excellence award, the dux of Year 10 and an additional award for leadership and team work! Thank you for the important part ELC has played with his success.
ELC Parent
November 2015
Thank you for an amazing schooling life at ELC. Words cannot describe how much it has enhanced both my schoolwork and personal development into a young adult. We always had great fun together too, and for that I wanted to say a massive thank-you.
ELC Year 12 student
November 2016
You will be pleased to know that Amiel was awarded a academic scholarship at both Flinders and Grammar! Thank you so much for your advice.
ELC Parent
April 2017
Thank you for the feedback on Kiara.  She has really enjoyed the Yr 6 work – the boost to her confidence is 2nd to none. FYI she’s moved up to a new maths group in class now, too, that she loves, and which is working closely with her everyday teacher, so massive confidence boost in last few weeks, and I think she’s realised the rewards with putting in effort. Plus her report card was awesome from the comments about her application to study and effort, all very positive.
Year 4 Parent
June 2017
George is so looking forward to next week rather than being stressed, so that is so good. We so appreciate your take on things and the manner in which we have prepared for these examinations. It has been a real adventure and a delight in the process, and all due to your wonderful guidance with everything. I am so, so grateful to you and Leo. Words just do not cut it, but know from the heart.
L.D., Parent
June 2016
I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learnt from you this year. You and your team are inspiring and I have garnered so much from this experience that I will take with me to university and beyond.
ELC Year 12 Student
October 2016
Thank you for another wonderful year. We really appreciate your guidance, care and help throughout the year. We love what you do for our girls at ELC and know how beneficial it's been for them. Thank you for your encouragement always. Thank you again for all that you do for us and our family.
ELC Parent
December 2015
Thanks again. Last week he came out of the lesson really happy and said that he had learnt a lot. He was so pleased that he had a young lady helping him throughout the lesson who explained everything to him really well. He was so chuffed with himself last week. He wanted to tell me everything he had learnt. He also told me, that was the best day he has had there since joining.
March 2015
ELC Parent
Thank you, Leo. I am happy at how organised Anna has become and she really is trying hard. PS I met with ACE maths teacher – she is impressed with Zain’s eagerness and knowledge. Thank you all.
March 2015
ELC Parent
Your help and support from all the team at ELC has been integral in Zander's support and guidance. I always recommend you to patients.
Year 11 Mother
January 2018
I loved how eager he was to go last week and the beaming smile. He was so happy when I picked him up. He tells everyone that he loves coming to see Dan and Leo. He is loving his sight words.  He is starting to take pride in his work. I appreciate what you guys have done for David. At the start of last year David was less engaged than Eliza is. He wouldn't hold a pencil or write or even look at a page.  
ELC Parent
May 2016
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your efforts with Christina and I too have taken on board some great advice from you for which I am most appreciative. My very best wishes to you and your team and I will continue to highly recommend you.
March 2015
ELC Parent
Thank you for your support. Tarah is so much more confident and enjoys Maths rather than it being a struggle. We really appreciate ELC and look forward to involving our other girls at some stage soon.
Year 5 Parent
September 2017
Your contribution to that is not forgotten and appreciated so much. I can not thank you both enough for your support and sharing of your time and wisdom with the lad. It will take him far, and I know he holds the experience he had there with you both very dear. As do I.
ELC Parent
October 2016
The girls love coming to ELC to get their minds stimulated and challenged. They are both looking forward to continuing next year. Thank you for creating a wonderful environment.
Year 5 & 6 mother
December 2017
Sage absolutely loves the positive reinforcement she receives at ELC; she has the biggest smile when she comes home!
ELC Parent
May 2017
Peta had a very enjoyable time last Wednesday. Apparently she was involved in a debate about how much to write in her English assignment. She came home very elated and obviously enjoyed the discussion. She wants to continue next term.
September 2015
ELC Parent
Aimee is now academically top of her year. So I love the way that she finds ELC quite challenging. She still comes out of each session there with praise and enthusiasm.
Grade 6 Parent
February 2017
We had parent/teacher interview last week and her teacher was very complimentary of Cherie's hard work and desire to learn and grow. She's really loving her Mondays with you and we've seen her really grow and mature under your guidance this year.  What a massive change of mindset of feeling hopeless and dumb to her love of learning now. THANK YOU so much for building her confidence and believing in her.  She just glows when she comes back upstairs now !!!!
Year 4 Mother
August 2017
Hi Leo, Just wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for everything that you do, and for inspiring me to always work hard, never give up, and of course, "play the game". Have a great day, Leah :)
ELC Student
March 2016
The boys are doing very well! They both now love their maths and are both in the top level extension maths classes in their grades. Thank you for helping to foster their confidence. With Evan about to start Year 7, we are looking forward to watching what the next few years will bring.
ELC Parent
October 2016
Thanks Leo – those are some great strategies. I feel much better now I have a constructive way forward.
March 2015
Ticked all my boxes, and thank you, thank you so much for the time and effort you and Leo specifically, but also all your educators, have put into Gregor getting through this. We so appreciate it and it has made this time fun actually.
ELC Parent
May 2016
We can’t thank you enough for what you have helped Harrison achieve and his results and confidence are proof of this. Once again, thank you.
March 2015
ELC Parent
I want to thank you for the effort and energy you are putting into Tim. I am really happy that he is able to talk to you about his future, and coming to see you has kept him on track. It is really difficult for me to know where he is at (I guess most mothers of teenage boys would say the same), so having your support has certainly reduced my stress. Thank you again for your input with my son. I appreciate it more than you could know.
ELC Parents
September 2016
Your work with Anna has been outstanding and came at a difficult time of school transition for Anna. I believe you have played a CRITICAL role in Anna’s perception of herself as a capable and clever learner.
ELC Parent
June 2015