Our Educators

Apart from knowing their subject, the most important criterion to become an ELC Educator is being able to connect with students. Before any meaningful learning happens, we engage each student emotionally. Our educators have that innate empathy and understanding to see things from others’ perspectives, and the ability to frame concepts from angles most easily graspable by each student.

The various specialities of our team of around 10 educators ensures that we have the high-end technical subjects covered.

As well as our specialty teachers, each year we employ several of the top students from the best local schools. Not only are they great educators who connect easily with students, but they keep us up-to-date with what is happening inside schools.



Leo Blore

ELC Mooloolaba is owned and directed by Leo Blore, who has 43 years’ experience in education, in both administration and the classroom, with primary and secondary schools, in both the private and state systems in different states and territories, and the establishment of new primary and secondary schools.

Leo has also studied school systems in the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland to view first-hand the school systems in operation in those countries. He wrote and published Exploring Central Australia in 1988.

Dan, ELC Mooloolaba Educator and Manager

Dan Blore

ELC is managed by Dan Blore, who has spent 15 years in education after studying secondary education at University of the Sunshine Coast.

He has taught in Germany and Australia, and studied at university in Italy. Mathematics and languages are his strongest teaching areas. He focused on these at university, and then afterwards also as hobbies.