• Call or email for a brief chat about your child’s needs and how we can help


  • We get to know you and your child
  • You see our process and we answer your questions


  • Understand conditions of enrolment
  • Reserve your weekly session placement


  • Start finding and filling knowledge gaps and progressing ahead of school
  • After first session: we show you their progress and explain next steps

Before acceptance into ELC

ELC will normally meet with the student/s and family for a preliminary, informal assessment interview as part of the acceptance/enrolment process. We like to ensure we are the right fit, making sure that parents and families are comfortable with the idea and process of students’ learning to their own potential – we can’t let schools dictate how we spend our 75 minutes per week, as students just end up ‘chasing their tails’.

This meeting is a chance for parents, students and ELC to make sure that we are all on the same page and that you know how the education game is played. We start getting to know your family and what makes your children tick – their hopes and dreams, the strengths and weaknesses, worries and motivations. We can also show you our education centre and resources. We can explain in more detail and answer your questions about how we manage student learning.

Our meeting times are necessarily outside our teaching times. So 6:20pm Monday, Wednesday or Thursday is usually the best time.

We also want to make sure that you are aware of the Conditions of Enrolment.

ELC session times

Monday               3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15

Tuesday               3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15 (plus dedicated senior maths/science session 6:30-7:45)

Wednesday        3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15

Thursday             3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15

Friday                   3:30-4:45 only

Many sessions are often full or have waiting lists, so please discuss availability with us.