Effort put in during the foundation years establishes positive patterns for future years, for the sake of your children's happiness and yours.

Student Placement

$65 per 75-minute session reservation
  • Individualised, optimally-paced programme.
  • Ongoing diagnostics.
  • No extra fees for liaising with parents.
  • Max. ratio 3 students : 1 educator.

All sessions are face-to-face in our customised Learning Centre. Your placement covers ALL:

  • academic instruction
  • student management
  • behaviour modification
  • schoolwork help, as needed

And student training in:

  • self-sufficient learning
  • finding information
  • asking for help
  • making the most of school
  • planning career pathways
  • building productive habits
  • dealing with teachers


  • National Curriculum content, Prep – Year 12
  • all materials, printing and stationery
  • diagnostic tests and booklets
  • personalised planning folders
  • homework folder

New students’ first invoice calculated for only the weeks remaining in term.

Placement fees are per term rather than per session attended– see below for explanation*.

ELC operates during Queensland State School terms.

The only extra costs are Primary-level maths workbooks and new enrolment setup, below.

Enrolment Setup

$85 per new enrolment


  • Extra time spent with new students.
  • Orientation to the ELC process.
  • Personalised learning materials.
  • Enrolment admin.

Our Enrolment Setup covers the extra time necessarily spent with new students and families, as well as initial administration setup. It applies only once* per student and helps cover:

  • parent and student introduction to the ELC process,
  • educating parents about the school process through to Year 12 and University,
  • in depth discussion of intrinsic issues associated with each child/student.

*Enrolment continues automatically from term to term without new enrolment setup. Enrolment setup applies again if re-enrolling after more than a term away.

Primary Maths Books

$23-27 per year-level book
  • Students learn in their own full-colour workbook.
  • National Curriculum-standard.
  • All diagnostic testing included.
  • Only for primary-level maths students.
  • Charged at cost price – no mark-up

Placement fees are per term

Invoices are per whole term; or pro rata for the remaining weeks of your initial term if you first enrol part-way through a term.

Students must enrol for the full duration each term. We don’t provide occasional, sporadic or short-term ‘tuition’ as it is ineffective for delivering the quality of learning and productive psychology which is at the core of what we do.

The cost per term varies according to the number of weeks in the Queensland State School terms.

The term price is calculated as $65 per session reservation per week, for example, a weekly reservation for a 10-week term, 10 x $65 = $650.

All prices include GST.

Payment Methods

Full details of payment methods are listed on your invoice.

You are welcome to pay via:

  • electronic funds transfer from your bank, including invoice number or student name for us to match to your account,
  • cheque, made out to “Extended Learning Centres”,
  • or cash.

If you would like us to email another copy of your invoice or an account statement, please ask.

Conditions of Enrolment

Please take a look at our Conditions of Enrolment which are agreed to at enrolment.

We’ll make sure you are aware of these when you enrol and then email you a copy for you to refer to.