Term 3 2024:

  • New placements are available to start any week of Term 3. Some sessions still have wait lists.
    Talk to us if you are interested in securing a place.
  • Our program can provide:
  • maths extension/acceleration,
  • coaching/mentoring, and
  • school content support in Maths, English, Science, etc

Preventing students from falling behind is so much better
(easier, cheaper, effective, fun, positive, engaging, encouraging)
than needing students to catch up to everyone else.

Yes, we tutor. But more than tutoring or tuition, we can accelerate learning, manage schoolwork and coach students towards their potential!

We have NO year-level barriers to learning. Year-level boundaries are artificial!
Primary students especially have capacity to learn ahead of their curriculum, even into high school content, to reduce their future workload, keep them in higher maths streams, and keep more future pathways open to them! Learning ahead gives more ‘bank for you buck’ than remediation.

We teach better than an excellent school,
balancing 1-to-1 instruction with building i
ndependent learners. 

Dear Parents,
letter from Principal, Leo Blore

Extended Learning Centres

Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

We teach students individually-paced Australian core curriculum in a fun, nurturing environment that promotes confidence and self-reliance.

Our students are going places! We’re working towards their future career, lifestyle, choices, success and satisfaction.

Catch up! >> Keep up! >> Get ahead!

Why learn ahead of school?

Exposure to curriculum content ahead of school tremendously improves the effectiveness of learning in the classroom, student confidence and engagement in their own learning.

Accelerated learning

ELC students are enthusiastic to learn to the maximum of their ability. There are no year-level boundaries to limit learning, and no waiting for the rest of the class. Extended learning in their formative years smooths their path through high school and beyond.

Self-reliant and Confident Students

ELC coaches students to take learning into their own hands and take charge of their own future direction. More than simply content, we give students purpose, skills, guidance and support to reduce dependence on teachers.

Get more from your School

ELC helps school results by accelerating the core subjects ahead of school while supporting other subjects as needed. Then when they encounter a concept at school they can do it with confidence. We work on ‘playing the school game’ to make it work for students not against them.

More effective than tutoring

ELC’s method is more than tuition or tutoring because we teach ahead of school, rather than playing catch-up. We know the curriculum and the most important concepts that students will need to do well at school. We teach these before students encounter them at school.

Why is extended learning important for my child?

Their Future

  • To enable future choice of professions and enhance confidence and self-esteem, we accelerate learning to each student’s own potential in all areas, and particularly in mathematics.

Their Potential

  • To get more from the school system, our tailored processes follow the same curriculum as taught in schools, but streamlined and personalised.

Their Health

  • Extended learning in their formative years smooths their path through high school, puberty and beyond.

Their Dreams

  • So that students dream their dreams and associate school and academics with greater future choice, we can engage the psychology of positive learning and modify student behaviour.

Their Success

  • To support students’ point-of-need learning from school when needed, our systems and processes allow us to incorporate school tasks while also learning for the future.

Their Happiness

  • To make family life simpler and less stressful, we holistically manage student learning in active partnership with families.

From Parents & Students

At ELC we believe in:

students the curriculum, resources, skills and guidance to take ownership of their learning.

confidence and positive habits early.

learning independently of school restrictions, such as year-level boundaries.

by connecting students’ efforts today with their dreams, wants and ideas for their future.

the innate human instinct to enjoy learning.

students how to make their education work to their current and future advantage.

them to achieve at the school system by “playing the game”.

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