• Call or email for a chat about your child’s learning history, their future, and their potential current needs
  • We explain how ELC operates and our probable initial courses of action based on what we’ve learned from you.
  • We answer your questions


  • *Only in certain cases will we suggest a meeting for us to better assess whether ELC is suitable for your child and family.


  • Understand conditions of enrolment
  • Reserve your weekly session placement
  • Receive an enrolment information email
  • Complete an enrolment form


  • Start finding and filling knowledge gaps and progressing ahead of school
  • At the end of their first session: once we have worked with your child, we show you their initial progress and explain our expected next steps

Before acceptance into ELC

In order for ELC to be maximally beneficial to students, before we accept an enrolment, we spend as long as necessary talking to you about your child and about how ELC operates, as well as about ‘how the education game is played’.

We like to ensure we are the right fit for your family, making sure that all parties are comfortable with the idea and process of students’ learning to their own potential – we can’t let schools (or parents…) dictate how we spend our 75 minutes per week, as students potentially end up ‘chasing their tails’ or becoming disillusioned at the lack of practical progress.

We can discuss our educational processes in detail, the benefits and the reasoning behind them. We will also answer all your questions about how we can manage your particular student’s learning.

Only once we are all on the same page will we progress to enrolment. This is important so that you know what you can expect, and so that students are put at ease by not receiving conflicting information or expectations.

ELC’s holistic approach necessitates that even before we meet your child, we start getting to know your family and what makes your children tick – their plans and dreams, their current strengths and weaknesses, worries and motivations.

In certain cases, ELC will ask to meet with the student/s and family for a preliminary, informal interview as part of the acceptance/enrolment process. Our meeting times are necessarily outside our teaching times. So 6:20pm Monday, Wednesday or Thursday is usually the best time.

We also want to make sure that you are aware of the Conditions of Enrolment.

ELC session times

Monday               3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15

Tuesday               3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15 (plus dedicated senior maths/science session 6:30-7:45)

Wednesday        3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15

Thursday             3:30-4:45 and 5:00-6:15

Many sessions are often full or have waiting lists, so please discuss availability with us