Wheat Timelapse Experiment – Learning is Fun


As a simple, fun learning experiment, we’ve been growing wheat at ELC this week.
It grows quite fast – we measured 25cm in 5 days – but that’s not quite fast enough to make it very interesting to watch.
So we set up an iPod to take 1 photo every 10 minutes for 4 days. When we run all those photos together in just 16 seconds, we can watch the wheat growing.

If you have a phone or ipod at home that’s not being used much, find a timelapse app (we used Lapse It) and speed up time for yourself.

We haven’t decided yet what our next project should be. What are your ideas?

What questions does this experiment create?
What could we change about this experiment next time to try to answer your questions?

Notes for trying this at home:

  • Keep a lamp turned on 24 hours a day so that night-time photos wont be pitch black.
  • Keep the camera plugged into power to prevent the battery running out half-way.
  • We used an app called Lapse It because it worked on our old ipod, but there are many available.