Writing Tools


Quick reference page for our favourite websites to help you punch-up your essays, speeches, articles and stories.
Not only helpful for English, but any subject with written tasks.

Keep in mind that these are just tools – you have to use your own judgement about whether to follow their suggestions.

Our favourite Thesaurus

Make your writing more interesting by not repeating the same words over and over again. Instead choose more evocative words.
Power Thesaurus is easier to use and suggests a better choice of words than thesaurus.com.

Sentence Length Visualiser

Sentence length Gary Provost Quote

Past your paragraphs here to easily judge how monotonous your sentence lengths are. If you see a lot of one colour, you should probably revise some sentences.

Cliché Finder

Clichés usually make writing less interesting because readers have heard them so often that they no longer activate deep areas of our brains.
Run your draft through this tool to highlight overused, worn-out phrases. Then consider replacing them with your own vivid, original phrases which will grab your readers’ attention like a slap in the face… no, boring, try again… like dashcam footage on YouTube of a comet exploding over Russia.

We’ll add to this list as we discover resources worth sharing.


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About the Author: Dan Blore
Dan Blore manages and teaches at Extended Learning Centres. He has spent 20 years in education, having studied secondary education at University of the Sunshine Coast. He has taught in Australia and Germany and studied at university in Italy. He most enjoys teaching and studying mathematics and languages, both of which he focused on at university.

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