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Pro tips to train for success at school like you train for sport

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So, you might think, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard all that before” – but have you actually committed yourself to it like you commit to sport? You have already developed a lot of the skills you need to quite easily ‘up your school game’. So try applying your hard-earned attitude, motivation and self-discipline to your study. You’ll be surprised the difference it makes in reaching your future goals.

  • Print our checklist to keep yourself on target.
  • Which tips are you already doing?
  • What are the top five tips that you could implement today?

Run quickly through this checklist once a week to keep yourself focused. (Print version)
Tick the things you are doing right. Highlight the most important things to improve next.

  1. Plan to come out on top
  • Plan what new work and study you intend to do each week.
  • List what previous content you need to revise each week.
  • List all your homework tasks.
  • Tick off each task as you complete it.
  • Stick to your workplan.
  • Work ahead of schedule.
  1. Practice and self-reflection
  • Make notes on what you just learned.
  • Keep notes neat and concise.
  • Revise your notes between classes.
  • Revise with and help your friends.
  • Encourage friends into good study habits.
  • Surround yourself with motivated people.
  • Spend less time with friends who don’t share your academic goals.
  • Write down your long-term goals and the weekly steps that will get you there.
  • Tell your parents and friends your plans.
  • Check that you are meeting your weekly goals.
  • Revise your goals and refocus on areas that need improvement.
  • Ask for teacher/tutor feedback.
  1. Train Efficiently
  • Use study time for HW, making notes, and practicing essays/exams.
  • Stick to your study timetable.
  • Extend your existing study blocks, and add others.
  • Eliminate all distractions.
  • Put your phone in another room.
  • Use a 10-minute refocus alarm.
  • Take 5-minute active breaks every half hour.
  • Work on several different things during a study session.
  • Set little goals for yourself within each study period and tick them off.
  1. Train Regularly
  • Keep your plan on the wall, and stick to it closely.
  • Use study time to review your notes.
  • Practice previously learned techniques.
  • Study from multiple sources: textbook, internet, friends…
  • Take steps to avoid “cramming”, late nights and stress before due dates.
  • Write fake due dates in your diary a week before the real ones and hold yourself to them.
  1. Manage Performance Pressure
  • Work ahead of your class in your textbooks.
  • Set aside specific time to do things that are not study related.
  • Learn to control your body’s automatic reactions to anxiety.
  • Before tests, breathe deeply. Picture yourself performing calmly

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About the Author: Dan Blore
Dan Blore manages and teaches at Extended Learning Centres. He has spent 15 years in education, having studied secondary education at University of the Sunshine Coast. He has taught in Australia and Germany and studied at university in Italy. He most enjoys teaching and studying mathematics and languages, both of which he focused on at university.

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