Study Like a Champion – Part 1

plan homework and study

Pro tips to train for success at school like you train for sport

Part 1 of 4

Try these five simple tips from top Year 12 students and print our checklist to track your progress.

You take your sport seriously, right? Well, tackling Years 11 and 12 as a pro is like an athlete conditioning their mind and body to perform on the court, track, field, in the pool… Being decent at sport means you can be good at study also. It doesn’t take much to transfer the skills you’ve already built through sport to boost your school performance. Here’s how…

1. Plan to come out on top

Plan your season. Stick to a training regime to build and maintain your skills and mentality.

At the start of a term, open your planner or diary and plan what you intend to do each week. Ask your teachers for a term content planner if they haven’t given you one. Use this to mark in your diary what content you need to understand by when. Also mark in what previous content you plan to revise each week. For example:

Friday Week 5
Finish Chapter 6 revision Qs pg 235

Don’t forget to also list all your daily/weekly homework tasks in your planner as you receive them. It’ll help you best manage your study time each day. Tick off each task as you complete it, so you can see your progress and feel great about it, knowing you’re on a winning path.

You know that skipping training lets down your teammates and yourself. So stick to your plan. Wise students even work ahead of schedule, so they have some slack in case something unexpected happens.

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About the Author: Dan Blore
Dan Blore manages and teaches at Extended Learning Centres. He has spent 20 years in education, having studied secondary education at University of the Sunshine Coast. He has taught in Australia and Germany and studied at university in Italy. He most enjoys teaching and studying mathematics and languages, both of which he focused on at university.

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